Top 6 Meals of 2023

Posted on 31 Jan 2024 in Other

Top 6 Meals of 2023

Posted on 31 Jan 2024 in Other


Last year, we added 7 delicious new meals to our menu along with a competely revamped soup range! Its always exciting to see how our cutomers respond to the new additions as we receive much welcomed feedback.

And as per our annual tradition, we are also happy to share which were our top 6 meals that stood out from the rest. What keeps this yearly tradition interesting is the top 6 meals never all remain the same as there are some meals that climb up the ranking each year as more customers come to appreciate them.

Here are the Top 6 Meals of 2023 enjoyed most by you, our customers: 

#6 – Orange Chicken

Climbing the ranks last year, the Orange Chicken made it's way to the top 6 for the first time. With delicious battered chicken in a sweet, orange flavoured sauce and served with white rice and an Asian-style vegetable blend, we're not surprised to see this customer favourite finally make it to the top 6.

#5 – Homestyle Meatloaf

A timeless classic and a consistent customer favourite, our Homestyle Meatloaf maintains its place in the top 6 but its been knocked down from its #2 spot from last year. Whether it's the savoury mushroom gravy with a hint of red wine, the tender meatloaf or the sides of mashed potato and mixed vegetables, we know there will much to love about this meal for many years to come.

#4 – Scrambled Eggs and Sausages

Who doesn't love breakfast, espcially if its eggs and sausages? Our breakfast classic not only maintains its place in the top 6 but also moves up to the 4th spot. Served with home fries and baked beans, this meal is sure to give the energy boost needed in the morning..

#3 – Shepherd’s Pie 

Making it's way back to the top 6 list after losing its spot in 2022, our Shepherd’s Pie is the quintessential, classic English dish. Seasoned ground beef, rich gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, simple but delicious! 

#2 – Chicken Teriyaki

After impressively retaining the #1 spot for three years in a row, our crowd pleaser now holds the second rank. This meal comprising of authentic teriyaki sauce mixed with tender chicken and vegetables and served with a fluffy vegetable rice pilaf will undoubtedlty continue to rank among the very top meals. Who knows, perhaps it might win back its top spot in 2024!

#1 – Country Chicken

Our Country Chicken is a new entrant to the top 6 ranking and boy did it make a big splash! Seizing the top spot from the Chicken Teriyaki is no easy task but for those who have tried the meal, it will not come as a surprise. With its wholesome chicken breast chunks in a deliciously rich gravy and home-style stuffing, this meal is perfect for the colder months of the year.


In 2023, we saw some newcomers to the top 6 as well as some favourite meals that retained their place. Stay tuned for delicious new additions our chefs have been working on that will be coming in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 menu.

Have you tried any of our Top 6 Meals? Which meals would make your Top 3 list? Let us know on Facebook

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