Hi-Tech and Smart Food Working for You

Posted on 18 Oct 2018 in Other

Hi-Tech and Smart Food Working for You

Posted on 18 Oct 2018 in Other

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Hi-Tech and Smart Food Working for You

A recent news report demonstrated how virtual reality (VR) is being offered to seniors in Nova Scotia to visit some of the province’s most important landmarks without having to leave the comfort of a favourite chair.

The initiative, partially-funded by the Provincial government, aims to help seniors who have cognitive and mobility issues.  While this is only a research project, there is growing optimism about the many services that could be available to assist seniors using hi-tech devices.

A couple of years ago, VR was predominantly the domain of gamers. Today, more and more organizations and industries are investigating how to utilize this technology. Some suggest this could be a game-changer when it comes to certain types of interactions and leisure activities.

Seniors could rekindle fading memories by “visiting” a favourite park or their first trip overseas.  Going forward, VR could take someone to Mt Kilimanjaro or other exotic locations.  This, it is hoped, will stimulate a person’s imagination perhaps encourage new conversations or interests.

Technology can offer fresh ways to experience something special with very little difficul

ty.  No matter your age, those moments can turn a routine day into a memorable one.

Seniors are the largest growing sector in this country and also the fastest growing group when it comes to embracing technology.  Few may be devotees of posting on Instagram but the most recent retirees have been using computers all their working lives and they are fairly comfortable doing tasks online.

Even at Heart to Home Meals, we have seen a change in recent years.  In the early days, most orders were made by telephone, with the online orders made by younger relatives of those receiving the meals, not anymore. As we have found, the convenience and ease of ordering online is becoming the preferred choice for more and more of our customers.

Experience teaches us that life puts up many more challenges as you get older – at Heart to Home Meals we want to make the task of eating quality food as easy as possible.

An age-specific diet is very important for seniors.  Study after study have found seniors living alone can often slide into poor eating habits. The care and expertise involved throughout the process at Heart to Home Meals guarantees our meals are nutritious and assist seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Having meals specifically-designed for seniors may have been revolutionary a few decades ago but that was prior to health experts getting the message out that as the body ages it requires higher levels of nutrients and fibre.

We are also aware of the ongoing changes in dietary appetites and that is reflected in the additions and modifications to our menu.


At some point, seniors may be able use VR to tour the kitchens at Heart to Home Meals, watch their favourite meals being prepared before selecting items from our interactive menu.  Innovations are developing so quickly it may not be too long before all of this is possible!

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