Remembering the Importance of a Grandmother on Mother’s Day

Posted on 08 May 2020 in Relationships

Remembering the Importance of a Grandmother on Mother’s Day

Posted on 08 May 2020 in Relationships

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Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring our mothers, as well as motherhood, material bonds and the influence of mothers in society.

As every mom knows, being a mother is about a lot more than giving birth. It’s about the connection you create with your child and the guidance you provide them. But even mothers have mothers, and much of what they’ve learned about being a mom comes from them. This is where we can really begin to see the importance of grandmothers.

It’s more than just preserving the secret family recipes (although that is a very important job too). Grandmas have all sorts of wisdom and experience to share with mothers and other family members alike.

This Mother’s Day, it’s important we recognize all moms around the world, and especially grandmothers, who have laid the foundation of motherhood for everyone.

Here’s six reasons it’s important we pay special recognition to grandmothers this Mother’s Day:

1 - Grandmas Have a Special Bond With Grandkids

The bond between a mother and her children is legendary. And of course, all grandmas know just how precious this connection is -- and also what a special bond they have with their grandchildren.

A lot of what moms do involves the practical care of their kids, which is incredibly important. But grandmas often get to employ a softer touch, being there as a warm and caring family member without being a rule maker like mom. This is a unique and important relationship which can truly define the lives of many children.

2 - Grandmas Connect the Entire Extended Family

Understandably, parents are very focused on their immediate family and the day-to-day ongoings therein. However, most families have a broader, extended family, and it’s often Grandma’s role to oversee it. Grandmas check in with all different family factions and can act as an organizer for the larger family unit.
In this way, Grandma is the glue keeping a family together, sending love and connection to each member. Especially on Mother’s Day, it’s important we celebrate this important role.

3 - Grandmas Carry Motherly Wisdom From Years of Experience

One of the most important roles a Grandma has, is to carry the wisdom of generations. They’ve experienced all aspects of what it’s like to be a mom, and can share lessons learned about parenting, self-care, and practical tips for success.

And it’s not just wisdom from issues pertaining to motherhood, either. It could be career advice, or gardening tips, or –perhaps as the keeper of family recipes. Families rely on Grandma to be a source of wisdom, and the final say on all sorts of issues.

This year, on Mother’s Day, it’s a great time to remember grandmothers as the font of wisdom that supports so many families.

4 - Grandmas Offer Perspective

If you’ve ever stood really close to a painting, you’ll notice an incredible detail in the brush strokes that you couldn’t see from afar. The use of colour and technique will be evident -- even if you can’t actually see what the picture is of!

When people get wrapped up in issues in their own life, they can become obsessed with the fine details, without actually being far enough from the issues to see the whole picture. With issues like these common in close families, Grandma offers perspective from someone who is able to step back and see the whole picture. Having been close to the details in the past, grandmas are now able to step back and give their family members valuable perspective

5 - Grandmas Never Actually Stop Being Moms

Of all the reasons to pay special recognition to grandmothers this Mother’s Day, this one might be the most important. Grandmas didn’t actually stop being moms when their children became adults and had children of their own. Their roles have changed from being the mom on the front lines, but they remain mothers to their children.

When parents have a problem, or need support, guidance or simply someone to talk to, Grandma is there to provide motherly advice. It doesn’t matter that they’re full-grown adults, to Grandma; her children will always be her children, and this Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that.


One of the reasons Mother’s Day has become so important in our culture is because it’s often easy to forget just how essential moms are. Taking a whole day to recognize the hard work of mothers everywhere, and taking an opportunity to celebrate their importance is a fantastic idea.

Behind every great mother, is another great mother -- a grandmother in fact. And with the many important roles grandmas continue to play, from helping to raise children to bringing the whole extended family together, to being a mom to moms, this Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to pay them an extra special thank you.

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