How to Make Mother’s Day Special

Posted on 23 Apr 2019 in Relationships

How to Make Mother’s Day Special

Posted on 23 Apr 2019 in Relationships

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How to Make Mother's Day Special

Since the beginning of time there has been no greater bond than that between a mother and her child.  For centuries, it has been celebrated in great works of literature in almost every corner of the globe because of the unique affinity both have towards each other.

It is one of the few things in life that is difficult to measure.  How do we determine the full extent of the importance moms have on our lives?  Most of the time, the only way to explain or understand what is going on is to simply accept: that is what moms do.

Yet maybe because moms are so important, and they do great things for us every day, we may not always acknowledge their significance.

That is why in the run-up to Mother’s Day it might be worth taking a few moments to remind ourselves, how great moms are and why the second Sunday in May is an ideal opportunity for us to celebrate all moms.

Here are a few suggestions to help you make the day special for someone who epitomizes the word exceptional!

Marking Mother’s Day

Few days are more important to the greetings card industry than Mother’s Day, only Christmas and Valentine’s Day see more cards bought each year.  But if you want to deliver something distinctive consider designing and printing your own card.  It has never been easier to produce a unique card by doing some work on your laptop.  It will probably take you the same amount of time as going to a store.  A cherished picture could be used to illustrate the personal nature of the card and make it truly memorable.

Another essential are flowers.  If you want to stick to Mother’s Day protocol then you should opt for red carnations.  Traditionally, white represents pure love and good luck, light red carnations are associated with admiration and dark red ones denote deep love and affection. But any fresh flowers brighten up a room and temperatures in the month of May should allow the flowers to stay healthy for at least a week.

Mother’s Day is also one of the busiest days of the year for dinning out so if you’re planning to take your mom to a favourite restaurant, don’t leave it until the last minute to make a booking.

For moms that are unable to go out to a restaurant maybe look for a meal on the Heart to Home Meals menu that harks back to your childhood days, and pays homage to some foods associated with your mom’s cooking. Some of the perennial favourites are based on traditional recipes, including the turkey and meatloaf dinners.   Along with a personalized greetings card, this could make this special day, unforgettable.

Last year in the run-up to Mother’s Day, the magazine Psychology Today listed 10 reasons why moms are important.  The list included: ‘when you want to climb the tallest mountain, your mother will make your lunch for you.’  For many adults, this is how they fondly remember their childhood days: unreserved support and no limits to what is possible.

And more directly, the number one reason on the list: ‘If it weren’t for your mom, you wouldn’t be breathing right now. If nothing else, you should thank her for that.


While it may be difficult to avoid all the marketing surrounding Mother’s Day, many moms are likely to cherish anything that emphasizes the importance you personally place on their relationship. What the second Sunday in May offers us, is a reminder to give a fulsome thank you to someone who is so important.

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