Being Smart with your Time

Posted on 27 Jul 2018 in Nutrition

Being Smart with your Time

Posted on 27 Jul 2018 in Nutrition

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Being Smart With Your Time

A precious commodity these days is time. People, of all ages, are constantly in a hurried state.  It may be assumed that it will be different for seniors but many still find themselves busy as they seek to maintain an active lifestyle.

One of the challenges for seniors is making sure they eat properly on a daily basis.  As we age, our bodies have different dietary needs so seniors, more than any other group, need to cultivate a good diet.

Unfortunately, many Canadian seniors are at risk of poor nutrition and their failure to get enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can lead to serious health issues.

The lack of awareness about changing dietary needs is having an impact across the country.  Some seniors still spend time in the kitchen preparing foods they’ve cooked for decades not aware of the need to make changes to their diet.

Too often, it is only a health issue that raises a red flag and provides an opportunity for seniors to become aware of the need to assess their diet and their priorities.

That was the case for Katy and John Diestl. They found shopping and cooking took up a lot of each day leaving them with less time for their favourite activities including walking, swimming and tending their garden.  But old habits are hard to break.

It was only after their doctor recommended that John make changes to his diet did they start looking for an alternative and found Heart to Home Meals. These are frozen meals specially designed for seniors, suitable for most dietary needs.

“We took the menu to our doctor who helped pick the meals best suited for my husband,” explained Katy.  With more than 200 items to choose from, Katy and John discovered there was enough variety to have the meals most days of the week.

The convenience of shopping from home and free delivery are helpful, knowing the food is designed for seniors is even more important.

While changing your lifestyle as you get older can be difficult, it is crucial for seniors to take stock of their diet.  One of the biggest risks being faced by seniors is malnutrition.  It is very easy to skip meals or fail to have foods that are high in nutrients and fibre for example.

At all ages, people are striving to find the right balance that offers them the time to do the things they need to do, along with the things they want to do.   It is a constant challenge that gives all of us an opportunity to assess our priorities.


Discovering meals that cater to seniors has been life-changing for Katy and John. They are able to spend more quality time together and be healthier.

But there are still times when traditional cooking becomes a priority for Katy.  “In the days before Thanksgiving and Christmas I am going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the meals for the whole family. Nothing is more important to me, than to see them all sitting together sharing a meal that I know has been made with love."

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