A compassionate and friendly service delivering fresh, frozen and nutritious meals that accommodate special dietary needs directly to your home. Conveniently choose from over 100 nutritious items catered to diets that are diabetic friendly, low in sodium, fat and calories. We also supply meals free of renal, gluten and lactose, and a selection of pureed and minced meals.
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Trans-Fat on Product Labels

Due to a clerical error, the trans-fat data for 17 meals (see below) was overstated on pages 58 - 66 in the Spring/Summer 2017 edition of ‘My Menu’ and on some product labels for these menu items. 

Going forward, please refer to this chart, the website or the product label for correct trans-fat data.  Please rest assured that this is a clerical error only which has no impact on the actual recipe for the food in the meal. For more information or any questions please contact your local Heart To Home Meals Franchisee.

Trans Fat