A compassionate and friendly service delivering fresh, frozen and nutritious meals that accommodate special dietary needs directly to your home. Conveniently choose from over 100 nutritious items catered to diets that are diabetic friendly, low in sodium, fat and calories. We also supply meals free of renal, gluten and lactose, and a selection of pureed and minced meals.
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Help: Delivery information

Where do you operate?

We deliver across Southern, Southwestern and Central Ontario.

Where is your store?

We do not operate a storefront. We are a home delivery service and will conveniently bring your order right to your home.

What day do you deliver in my area?

We deliver to most areas at least once a week. However we may deliver every two weeks in some areas. To find out your delivery day please call your local office.

Can I collect my order from you?

No. We do not operate a retail store. We are a home delivery service and will conveniently bring your order right to your home.

Who will deliver my meals?

Our meals are often delivered by our Heart to Home Meals delivery drivers, who will bring the meals to your home and even pack them away into your freezer. Elsewhere, we’ve partnered with Purolator who will deliver the meals to you on our behalf. For more information on our Purolator delivery method, click here

Do I have to pay for delivery?

Delivery is free in selected areas where we have a local outlet or on orders over $100 where we are partnered with Purolator ($12.95 delivery for orders under $100, with a minimum spend of $60).

Should I tip the driver?

No, our drivers are asked not to accept tips. We pride ourselves in giving a high level of customer service and your total satisfaction is our reward.