A compassionate and friendly service delivering fresh, frozen and nutritious meals that accommodate special dietary needs directly to your home. Conveniently choose from over 100 nutritious items catered to diets that are diabetic friendly, low in sodium, fat and calories. We also supply meals free of renal, gluten and lactose, and a selection of pureed and minced meals.
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Help: About our service

In this section we answer questions about the Heart to Home Meals service, our meals & desserts, and what to do if you have a problem.

About your account

hearttohomemeals.com uses a Versign Class 3 security certificate to keep your details safe. Furthermore we are tested each day by Mcafee to ensure our compliance with the latest security guidelines. We also undergo a strict audit each year by Deloitte.

We commit to processing your data in accordance with the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act of Canada.

About our meals

All of our soups and entrées are prepared at our federally inspected, CFIA approved kitchen in Brampton, Ontario. A very small proportion of products are produced by other approved suppliers in Canada or elsewhere. We source our ingredients from a wide range of approved suppliers in Canada and worldwide.

We also carry a range of Special Diet meals, free from gluten, lactose and renal. We also produce texture modified Puree and Minced meals, please contact your local outlet for more information

If you have a problem

In the first case, please contact your local outlet, who will be able to advise of the best course of action. If you have a complaint about a product, please let your local outlet know, who in turn will refer it to our manufacturing team and customer care service.